Beyond the predictable, beyond the ordinary. Blocki brings your dream concrete creations to life, transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. We offer a bespoke concrete design service for discerning homeowners seeking to elevate their spaces with truly unique pieces. Craft a haven that embodies your personality and style.

How it Works

No prior design experience is necessary. Our skilled team walk alongside you, translating your vision into stunning concrete reality with meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to your brief.

Customise your design with:

A palette of exquisite hues: From bold accents to subtle earth tones, we can create the perfect shade to complement your discerning aesthetic.

Embedded treasures: Infuse your pieces with personality, incorporating sparkling glass, captivating stones, or even precious metals.

Finishes as individual as your fingerprint: Smooth and sleek, textured and rustic, or something entirely new - the choice is yours.

Blocki is more than just concrete. We are:

Passionate about craftsmanship: We pour our hearts (and expertise) into every project.

Committed to quality: We use only the finest materials and techniques.

Dedicated to collaboration: We work closely with you to achieve your dream design.

Bespoke Concrete Design
Make Your Home a Masterpiece

Ready to turn your vision into a concrete masterpiece? Contact Blocki today and let's create something truly special for your home.

Don't settle for ordinary. Choose Blocki. Choose Bespoke. Choose Concrete.

Check out our website for inspirational examples and to learn more about our design process.

Let's make something truly extraordinary together.